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The Advantages of JRooz Online Review

Wondering why we’re one of the best IELTS online review providers in the country? Here’s why:

Convenience and Flexibility

Say goodbye to commuting costs, schedule problems, heavy textbooks, and missed lessons. You can take IELTS online review classes anytime anywhere. Set your review sessions on your free period and have training sessions anywhere you like. Just make sure that you have a working internet and you are good to go! JRooz Online review training materials are easily accessible online

Student-focused Learning Setup

We guarantee the quality of your training experience with our IELTS online course’s 1:1 learning setup. Our instructors can provide in-depth discussions about the exam’s format and contents, demonstrate the best ways to tackle each test component, and impart effective test strategies. Our online IELTS review teachers can also assess your English skills and tailor their coaching methods to your linguistic level.

Intensive 1 on 1 Coaching

1:1 student teacher coaching session with live lectures. Interactivity is the key to learning. Take your time and focus on honing your English communication skills. As one of the best online IELTS review providers in the country, you can rely on the experience and knowledge of our instructors and their zeal to help you prepare for the high-stakes

Weekly Exam Simulation

Get used to the pressures of the actual IELTS test by taking mock examinations. As one of the best IELTS review online providers, we utilize updated emulation materials to accurately evaluate your current linguistic level and determine your English application lapses. Then, JRooz Online Review instructors will adjust their coaching methods accordingly to ensure the development of your language skills.

Quality, Credibility, and Global Excellency


As one of the best IELTS review online providers, our ultimate goal is to help you reach your dreams abroad – be it to pursue international education, secure overseas employment, or migration – through quality IELTS online courses.

Why choose us?

  • As veteran test takers themselves, our instructors know the IELTS exams inside. Responsive and compassionate, they are dedicated to helping you overcome your linguistic shortcomings, hone your English communication skills, and conquer the high-stakes examination.
  • JRooz Online Review is trusted by top immigration agencies and consultancies.
  • Awarded No.1 IELTS Agent by the IDP and No.2 by British Council for the year 2016 and 2017.
  • As one of the best online IELTS review providers of the country, JRooz Online Review has helped many students accomplish their band score goals.
  • All our IELTS online review courses and practices operate around our core principle: quality over quantity.