Developing IELTS Exam

How the IELTS Exam Is Developed

Do you want to enhance your IELTS online course experience? Broaden your knowledge of the high-stakes exam! Getting to know the little-known aspects of the IELTS test will help you obtain a better understanding of its structure and components. So, Continue Reading…

Improves Your IELTS Online Review

How the 50/10 Rule Improves Your IELTS Online Review

Preparing for an intensive IELTS exam requires effort and concentration. This is why it is significant that you look for other ways to develop your English communication skills aside from engaging in one-on-one coaching sessions. One key strategy that you Continue Reading…


6 Little-Known Facts About the IELTS Exam

As an IELTS test taker, it’s normal to feel intimidated with the high-stakes exam. After all, your overall band score is not just the reflection of your English skills; it’s also what will make or break your dreams to study, Continue Reading…


IELTS Online Tips: How Social Media Can Improve Your Review

Most IELTS online course instructors would tell their students to stay off social media sites during their test training—and they have a good reason to do so. Aside from being a major study distraction, social media also affects how students Continue Reading…

Improve your spelling

IELTS Online Tips: How to Improve Your Spelling

The English language is a complex subject that is difficult to master for non-native English speakers. But, fret not! Even native speakers find some English words confusing too. The reason behind this is there a lot of English words that Continue Reading…


5 Books to Aid Your IELTS Online Preparation

JRooz IELTS online program is a distance-based review course that caters to the needs of students from various locations in the country. Enrolling in an online review course will help you acclimate to the exam demands and critical points. Instructors Continue Reading…

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5 Mistakes First-time Online Students Make

Many first-time IELTS online students doubt the educational value and efficiency of their course. Their skepticism usually stems from the belief that the program’s distance-based curriculum hinders language learning. This is a fatal misconception.   IELTS online courses, especially those Continue Reading…


Things to Consider When Booking Your IELTS Exam

Booking your IELTS exam at random can reduce your chances of reaching your band score goal. Read on to find out the various things you need to consider before booking your IELTS test.   IELTS EXAM TYPE   IELTS has Continue Reading…


Why English Fluency Is Important for IELTS Success

JRooz Online is the Philippines’ trusted provider of IELTS online course. It provides students with quality review programs, focused on honing their competence in using English in both academic and business environments. Furthermore, JRooz’s IELTS instructors are test-takers themselves so Continue Reading…

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IELTS Online Preparation: Sample Speaking Test Questions from Exam-Takers

As the leading provider of IELTS review courses in the country, JRooz Online Review continues to be the top choice of students who are aspiring to pursue their career in an English-speaking country. JRooz IELTS Online instructors utilize the most Continue Reading…

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