Oxford-approved Words

20 Timely Oxford-approved Words to Add to your Vocabulary (pt. 1)

Having an extensive vocabulary is essential to securing IELTS success. Test takers cannot always rely on context clues to glean the meaning of unusual terms – especially in the Speaking and Listening components where information exchange is fast-paced. Hence, excellent IELTS review online facilities like the JRooz Online include vocabulary-centered […]

How to Apply Parallelism

Grammar Rules: How to Apply Parallelism

IELTS online course¬†coaches, with their English know-how and insider knowledge of the high-stakes exam, often tell their students to cite examples when validating their key points – be it in a verbal or written discourse.   Listing down examples is not only the easiest approach to backing your statements; it […]

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Speaking Test Format

IELTS Hacks: Understanding the Speaking Test Format

Did you know that enrolling in an IELTS review center or IELTS online review programs are two of the most effective ways to secure test success? Studying with the help of training courses, be it an office-based or internet-based review curriculum can significantly bolster your chances of reaching your band […]

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