IELTS Online Course - JRooz Online Review

Program Description

The IELTS Interactive Program is an online review course for candidates who are preparing for the International English Language Test System. It is specially designed for people planning to study in, migrate to, or work in an English-speaking country. This interactive program is highly recommended for people who are living in the Middle East and in the Philippines, who may be having a hard time attending classes daily due to difficulties in review locations and schedules.

Course Outline

The IELTS Interactive Program aims to ensure that candidates preparing for the IELTS Exam,
fully maximizes the three-month duration of online review:

Price: Php 7,200

  • Diagnostic Test

    Aims to assess the initial level of communication skills to help identify the learning path of each candidate

  • 3-hour Live Lecture per Subtest

    Each subtest (Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking) is allotted with 3 hours of live lectures and interactive online class discussions

  • Weekly Mock Tests

    Practicing for the future actual exam requires exposure to different materials, which is why a simulation of the IELTS exam is facilitated weekly, using up-to-date IELTS test materials

  • One-on-One Coaching Sessions

    After learning the foundations from lectures, and through application of learning via the mock test, an individulaized review of performance to higlight both the candidate’s strengths and rooms for improvement is given to ensure continuous learning according to each individual’s needs

Course Benefits


The IELTS Interactive Program is accessible anytime and anywhere, only requiring a strong internet access, and a desktop or laptop, for an efficient review session.

Flexible Schedule

It is a three-month program that includes live lectures, thorough assessments, and intensive coaching sessions. Different schedule options have been made available to ensure maximizing of learning: LECTURES = morning (9am-12pm); and evening (6pm-9pm) || COACHING SESSIONS = morning (9am-12pm), afternoon (1pm-4pm), and evening (6pm-9pm).

Quality Programs

Nothing beats learning through live lectures and this has been made possible through the interactive sessions delivered in this program. Additionally, intensified and personalized coaching sessions with elligble instructors, utilizing updated IELTS materials, are significant higlights offered by this program.

Performance Assessment

There is guaranteed monitoring of the students’ progress, as well as detailed evaluations of the students’ performances, in the whole duration of the review program.