Instructor Profiles

We believe that effective coaching completes teaching-learning process. That being said, the JRooz online instructors are consequently trained to effectively assess students’ outputs and deliver a personalized feedback and remediation for each of the student.

With this in mind, JRooz continuously looks for highly qualified professionals to teach their students. It was not an easy feat looking for Ms. Kather and Ms. Kathleen, two of our dynamic instructors, who embody the qualities of an effective coach and instructor but here they are, ready to be your learning partners.

Sybil Nighswonger, Director – English Department

Master of Education Major in Teaching English as a second language at the University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City.

“The future of the world is in my classroom today.” Ivan Welton Fitzwater.

This is the stark reality faced daily by every JRooz instructor in his classroom. He plays a very crucial role in the fulfillment of the dreams of his students, be that to work or to study abroad. (They play a very crucial role in the fulfillment of the dreams of their students, be that to work or to study abroad.) This is why, we stand in the classroom everyday giving our best and going out of our way to ensure the success of every student in his chosen exam.

Darlene C. Medina, LPT – Online Coordinator

Ms. Darlene has always been and always will be a teacher by heart. Nothing satisfies her more than knowing that her students excel in whatever endeavour her students want to take. That desire is seen in her day-to-day interactions with her students. Never settling for second best and always encouraging and supportive, her dedication to her craft is infectious and she pushes everyone around her to be better. It’s a theme consistent in her activities. A teacher of life.

Kather Lyn Galleon, RN

We provide deliberate practice — practice that promotes continuous improvement — to master a complex skill. The instructors, together with the whole online team, professional development; improvement of our craft, be more effective, implement new skills, and see students learn more. Moreover, the likelihood of using new learning and sharing this responsibility, increase when our students, guided by a coach, work together and hold each other accountable for improved teaching and learning.

Kathleen Angelica Ganzon , RN

We always go the extra mile to answer the needs of our students during the coaching sessions. We don’t teach by the book but we also make sure to follow-up and reinforce necessary approaches that the student may use to achieve their desired band scores. We create an environment that is always conducive for learning and retention. In addition, instructors don’t just teach by the books but they also share useful tips and experiences from taking the exam.