2018/2019 IELTS Prize Winners, Announced!

The International Language Testing System, or the IELTS, is by far the most popular English language assessment exam in the world. With IELTS being recognized and accepted by thousands of companies and educational institutions across the globe, passing the IELTS is the goal many hopeful test-takers are aiming for and working hard to achieving. They spend months in IELTS online course review programs, sharpening their skills, training to achieve the required band score.


As an added incentive, the British Council, one of the institutions that manage the IELTS, gives out an annual prize for individuals who “demonstrate the potential to contribute to society what they have gained from their undergraduate or postgraduate study experience.

Last July 23, the British Council in Taiwan awarded 33 prizes to top-caliber individuals who have demonstrated themselves and have proven their “strong desire, aspiration, and commitment to serve society.”

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For 2018/19, 33 winners were added to the list, and of these, three regional prizes were awarded in Taiwan valued at NTD 1,600,000 (almost more than PHP 2,000,000).


The Regional Grand Prize winner is Dillon Chew. Dillon believes that winning the IELTS Prize opens the door for him to the emerging world of Biotechnology. Thanks to his extensive IELTS preparation and his determination to not only pass the IELTS but to excel in every way possible, that he stands out among applicants to the University of Cambridge. “The financial support from the IELTS Prize has taken me one step closer to my dream,” says Dillon.


The local prize winners from Taiwan include Ming-Hsin Hsu, Chun-Yu Cheng, and Chia-Yun Chang. They all recognize the importance and benefit of winning the prize. Each of them is all set to pursue further academic studies in prestigious universities in the UK and the USA.




It was in 2017 that Filipinos won the IELTS Prize. Jane Bracher, Yla Paras, and Joseph Talampas won the coveted IELTS Prize and each received PHP 140,000 to pursue their academic studies in the UK and the USA.


Set them as your role models as you prepare for the IELTS. Enroll in a top-caliber review center, like JRooz Online Review, and win the IELTS Prize for yourself.