5 Books to Aid Your IELTS Online Preparation

JRooz IELTS online program is a distance-based review course that caters to the needs of students from various locations in the country. Enrolling in an online review course will help you acclimate to the exam demands and critical points. Instructors also provide strategies to make review sessions more comprehensible than when studying alone.

Aside from engaging in an IELTS online training, investing in study materials can also aid your exam preparations. Accumulating IELTS books, for one, will put your time, effort, energy, and money, into materials that will help secure your band score goal. Here are five of the best IELTS review books that can aid students in their review session.


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Top 5 Best IELTS Review Resources

1. Understanding and Using English Grammar: 4th Edition

Publisher: Pearson Longman


This is the perfect book for test-takers who need a grammar lesson. It includes several practice exercises and comprehensive explanations of complicated English grammar topics. It also contains interactive language-learning activities, such as structure-based listening exercises and academic readings, among others.


2. The Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS

Publisher: Cambridge University Press


This book is designed and published by the makers of the IELTS themselves. It is built on research and analysis of previous test-takers’ responses and common mistakes. This book is your official guide to achieving a high band score either on the IELTS Academic or IELTS General Training Tests. It tackles all four exam components: Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking and comes with a DVD-ROM that contains effective tips and practice sets to boost students’ test preparation and confidence. Comprehensive answer keys are also included to improve your training.


3. Official IELTS Practice Materials Volume 1 and Volume 2

Publisher: British Council Cambridge ESO IDP: IELTS Australia


This series includes sample exam questions and answer keys. Practice materials are included to help students understand the exam format and the different types of questions in each test component: Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking. Volume 1 comes with a CD with samples of the Listening test. The DVD in volume 2 shows the Speaking exam process.


4. Cambridge IELTS 12 Self-Study Pack

Publisher: Cambridge University Press


This book includes the latest “Cambridge IELTS Student’s Book” with answers and a set of audio CDs. It is highly recommended for students who are looking for excellent practice materials for the IELTS exam. It contains a compilation of previous exam papers and answers from Cambridge ESOL. Furthermore, it includes additional materials for the IELTS Reading and Writing section.


5. Barron’s Essential Words for the IELTS

Publisher: Barron’s Educational Series


A wide range of English vocabulary is essential for the IELTS exam. This book focuses on 600 words that frequently appear on the English proficiency test. It includes vocabulary exercises that teach students how to derive meanings of new words from their context. Strategies for acquiring and recalling word meaning are also provided. It comes with an MP3 CD that contains vocabulary expanding and listening comprehension exercises.


Elevate your chances of acquiring your band score goal! Complement your IELTS online coaching sessions with these review materials. Need more book recommendations? Enroll now in JRooz Online!