5 Mistakes First-time Online Students Make

Many first-time IELTS online students doubt the educational value and efficiency of their course. Their skepticism usually stems from the belief that the program’s distance-based curriculum hinders language learning. This is a fatal misconception.


IELTS online courses, especially those that are offered at JRooz, are just as efficient as their classroom-based counterparts. They offer the same high-quality training that is designed to help examinees prepare not only for the high-stakes exam but also for their life abroad.


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Do not take the IELTS online courses for granted. Set yourself up for success by avoiding the following mistakes that many first-time online students make.


• Dropping all other IELTS review efforts

Just because you are taking IELTS online classes from an excellent training facility, it does not mean that you can drop all your other review efforts. Doing so will severely limit the development of your English communication skills. Avoid curbing your linguistic studies. Take every opportunity you have to practice and improve your English communication skills.


• Failing to maximize the program’s schedule system

Most IELTS online courses give their students the power to schedule their training sessions. The problem is, not all students maximize this advantage. Many first-time online students prefer to wait for a vacant period in their regular schedule over actively setting a class for their review sessions. Do not commit this mistake. Make time for your review sessions.


• Taking review sessions anywhere

Although online courses let you take your sessions anywhere, you must still choose your class setting carefully. It is vital that you find a study-conducive place that can cater to all your online class needs. Taking your review sessions anywhere can compromise your training even before class starts. For instance, what if the place you chose for your session is ill-equipped to facilitate your IELTS online classes in? What if it does not have a stable Internet connection?


• Failing to prepare before class

Like in classroom-based classes, you have to make sure that you have everything you need before you start your session. Failure to do so would increase your chances of encountering class disruptions like technical difficulties and lack of review materials.


• Not asking questions

If you are having difficulties understanding the lesson, do not hesitate to let your IELTS online instructor know. Ask for clarifications and additional examples. A lot of first-time online students are reluctant to do this, often held back by their shyness or pride.


Do not underestimate or overestimate your IELTS online training. Both mindsets have major repercussions in your review experience. Underestimating your online studies can lead you to neglect your classes and waste your training period. Meanwhile, depending solely on your online studies can severely limit your learning experience.

Do not commit these mistakes. Make sure you make the most out of your IELTS online course!