5 Recreational Activities That Will Improve Your Listening Skills

The purpose of the IELTS listening sub-test is to check your ability to understand main ideas and specific factual information, to recognize the opinions, attitudes, and purpose of a speaker and to follow the development of an argument. As an IELTS test taker, the best way to enhance your listening skills is to look for an IELTS online review and check out their IELTS review online packages. Once you select your preferred IELTS online package, you can now begin your IELTS journey.

Improve Your Listening Skills

Aside from enrolling in an IELTS online review program, you must look for other ways that can help boost your listening skills. For instance, did you know that there are recreational activities that can help improve your listening skills?

5 Recreational Activities That Will Improve Your Listening Skills

Learning can be fun. Aside from your online IELTS package, you just have to find ways where you can learn new things while having fun. Here are five recreational activities that you and your friend can play after your IELTS online review:

1. Pass the Message
This game requires at least two groups. Each group takes one person out of the room and provides them a phrase to repeat. That first person then enters the room and whispers the message to the next person. This continues until everyone has heard the message. The last person should write what they heard on the board. The team that gets the closest to the original message wins.

2. Write It Down
In this recreational activity, tell your friends the group to pair up. Each pair will pick a number to determine who will be the first to play. In each pair, provide five passages from a book and assign who will read the book and who will write the passages. Each passage must be read in one minute while the other person must write it down in 30 seconds. After that, look at the written passages to see if they are correct. Count the number of correct passages. The pair with the most number of correct passages wins.

3. Clap for Words
In this fun activity, provide your friends a theme, like food, movies, TV shows or jobs. Then begin to call out words. Whenever you say a word that fits the category, your friends must clap. If the word doesn’t fit the category, no one should clap. Penalize anyone who accidentally claps for the wrong word.

4. Letter Sounds Scavenger Hunt
This recreational activity is best for those IELTS test takers who need to work on their vocabulary. To start, you must shout a letter and tell your friends to find an object that begins with that letter. The first person to find it must hold the object up and call out the name. If they’re correct they get a point and you’ll call out another letter. You can also shout short words like “sun,” “oil,” or “cat,” and make them look for objects that begin with those letters.

5. Fruit Salad
Assign each of your friends at least three fruits. These can be anything from apple and orange to pineapple, papaya or watermelon. Then tell them to form their chairs into a circle or a line. You then start calling a fruit. If you shout, for example, “banana,” those who are assigned “bananas” should stand and change seats. When you call “fruit salad”, everyone must get up and change seats. That is the time when you sit down in a chair. Everyone else will sit and one will be left standing. That person has to call out the next fruit name to mix everyone up.

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