5 Ways to Enhance Your Study Space

Your study space is an important part of your digital training. For the best IELTS online review experience, you must find a place that has minimal distractions for your classes. This can be a challenge especially if you are living with someone.

Other environmental elements that can keep you from having the best IELTS online review experience include extraneous noises like the buzz of traffic and people, ever present temptations like the television and the Internet, and impending commitments like your school assignment or company project.

Study Space

Make the most out of your IELTS package by reducing your study distractions. Use these tips to enhance your review environment.

  • Establish a study space. If you have a hard time concentrating in unfamiliar locations, stick to one area when taking your online classes. Use this space solely for your IELTS training practices. This way, whenever you stay at this location, your mind will automatically go into “review mode.”
  • Balance comfort and discomfort. There is a fine line between “study-enhancing comfortable” and “sleep-inducing comfortable.” Your goal is to make sure your study space falls into the former category. Make nap spots, like your bed, off-limits for your IELTS training efforts. Stave off stiff neck, and other body aches caused by sitting still for long periods by investing in a comfortable chair.
  • Have excellent lighting. Sufficient lighting not only enables you to see what you are doing better, but it also extends your mental awareness. Reviewing in a bright environment is one of the best ways to stave off drowsiness—a useful study tactic especially if you are planning to burn the midnight oil. Excellent lighting also sharpens your concentration, elevates your productivity, and staves off eye problems.
  • Introduce review-enhancing elements to your review space. Improve your IELTS training experience by making your study space work to your learning style. You can:
    • put up a bulletin board to post reminders and other study guidelines;
    • use a calendar to track down your review progress;
    • attach sticky notes containing important lecture points in eye-level locations;
    • color code or label your review materials according to subject or urgency; and
    • scatter inspirational quotes and pictures of your target location.
  • Promote the “out of sight, out of mind” principle. Hide your digital devices. If it is not related to your IELTS studies, then it has no place in your study space. If you are still studying in the university, remove your textbooks and college materials from your sight. Likewise, if you are currently employed, conceal your work-related belongings. Erase reminders of your other commitments—at least for the duration of your training sessions—to improve your concentration.

Maximize your IELTS package and elevate your review productivity by upgrading your study space. Use these tips to minimize external distractions and improve your training motivation. Take your IELTS review to the next level with JRooz online courses.