Best IELTS Review Online Tips: How to Use the SQ3R Method

Are you working on your reading skills? One of the best learning strategies that most students used in their study time is the SQ3R method. But how does it works?

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The SQ3R Method


The SQ3R method is a five-step reading process for working through texts and allows readers to understand and process ideas and arguments at the same time. Using this learning strategy in your IELTS online course preparation can help boost not only your reading skills but also your learning abilities. To guide you more, below are other benefits of using the SQ3R method:


  • Students who put this method into practice can apply their memories to their full potential by making a visual and auditory memory of the text.

  • Students who use the SQ3R method can spend lesser time studying for a final exam since they have already stored all the information from the texts to their long-term memory.

  • They can also utilize information acquired throughout their study time by converting ideas from short-term memory into long-term memory.


If you’re a student enrolled in the best IELTS review online program, it is important to know the intricacies of using the SQ3R method. To help you achieve, this below are the five steps of the SQ3R method:


Step 1: Survey


Take a few minutes skimming the text. Pay attention to the layout, chapters, sections, graphs, pictures, word and phrases in bold and italic text as these provide critical information about the content of the text.


Step 2: Question


List down questions about the text. Here are some questions that you can use in the SQ3R method:


  • What are the things that you know about the text?

  • What is your goal in reading the text?

  • What do you think is the author’s main purpose in writing the text?


Step 3: Read


Read the text. Don’t skip any parts of the text and find the answers to your prepared questions. Your IELTS online course preparation is the perfect time to execute this third step of the SQ3R method.


Step 4: Recite


Once you have read the text, summarize it in your own words. Then read your summary aloud. You can also narrate the summary of the text to someone else and let him ask you questions after you have told the ideas and arguments in the text.


Step 5: Review


Reread the text and pay extra attention to parts you found confusing or hard to understand. During your best IELTS review online sessions, perform this last step of the SQ3R method.


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