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Losing some motivation and wanna boost your IELTS appetite? Then sit down, relax, and enjoy reading these testimonials from former students in the best online IELTS review center!


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Student Testimonials: This Is Why You Should Choose Only the Best IELTS Online Review Center


Do you know why JRooz IELTS online is the best?


  1. JRooz Online IELTS facilities are efficient!


According to Mr. Brian Dale Saligumba, our facilities helped him a lot in a snowball effect—excellent facilities meant better training sessions and better communication with instructors!


“JRooz is a review center with good facilities to practice English. With their encouraging mentors, we were able to improve our communication skills. They are eager to help their students in every possible way. I was able to improve my writing and speaking skills before the IELTS test. With a passing grade, I would like to thank JRooz family for helping me.”


  1. Top-notch instructors and effective teaching styles!


Ms. Jaclyn de Vera and Ms. Cyra Anne T. Go, RN, both said that our instructors and their teaching techniques mainly helped them pass their IELTS exam.


“I would like to thank Jrooz Review Center, especially Ms. Jinggay and Ms. Arianne of Davao City, for effectively guiding me towards achieving my target scores. I believe that the most helpful parts of the review program are the coaching sessions and the mock exams. Thanks to Jrooz, I got a score of 9 in the listening test and a total band score of 7.5, which is more than I have hoped for.”— Ms. Cyra Anne T. Go, RN


“I would like to thank the JROOZ staff for all the help you gave me. The coaching and mock exams are very helpful in identifying which area I need to improve on. Also, JROOZ has lots of available schedule, especially for reviewers who are working. Rock on JROOZ. Review Center!”— Ms. Jaclyn de Vera


  1. We offer affordable and flexible classes JUST FOR YOU!


“Hi! I am truly grateful for my IELTS review experience at Jrooz Davao City. They have affordable review fees, flexible schedules, and adequate facilities and tools for learning. With sheer determination and prayer, I got 7 instead of just hitting my required overall band score of 5.5 in general training. Of course, I  cannot fathom my success without the infallible efforts of my teachers — Maam Jinggay, Maam Ailah, Maam April, and Sir Conrad in honing my English proficiency skills. Kudos to the staff and more power!”— Ms. Karlynn Ladesma, RN


  1. We will assure you that we will give you the best IELTS guidance you can get!


Of course, you won’t only learn by either exclusively depending on our classes or your own studying styles. But, we’ll make sure you’ll use a combination of both just like Franco Baynosa!


“Achieving your target IELTS score takes more than just intensive studying. Nothing can beat the skills developed through regular practice. The regular weekly mock exams and drills provided by JRooz helped a lot in honing my skills. It made me develop the mental discipline and attitude to deal with the pressures of a time-bounded exam. The variety of materials that JRooz uses aided in being prepared for diverse question types across the reading, listening, and writing exams. The variable schedule scheme also made it easier to attend lectures and practice drills even while working full time. The staff members are friendly and are willing to assist you. Overall, having my IELTS review at JRooz had been a really great experience.”— Franco Baynosa


Choose Only the Best: Choose JRooz IELTS Online!


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