Common Misconceptions about Online Education

Online courses were designed to cater to individuals who cannot squeeze facility-based lectures in their schedule. Over the years, online education has become more popular and in demand. According to the data released by the Online Learning Consortium, in the United States alone, approximately 5.8 million students are taking online courses as of 2016.



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Online learning is a new form of education that is being implemented in different parts of the world. Because of its general unfamiliarity, many people are hesitant to take the course.

This article discusses the common misconceptions about online education.

Online courses are easier compared to facility-based learning programs.
Online courses and facility-based review programs both come with challenges. Although online courses allow more flexible schedule than a facility-based review, they also require as much study time. The only difference is classroom-based lectures are quite more labor intensive than online programs.
There is no student–teacher interaction in online education.
Online courses are mediated by computers but facilitated by instructors. In the case of the IELTS online review, for instance, one-on-one coaching sessions are provided to ensure that students acquire quality education. Online classes provide an opportunity for both teachers and students to focus on improving the weak points of the test-taker.
Online courses are not credited.
Many universities and government institutions accept online course certifications. A key consideration is to choose which institution to enroll in carefully.
The quality of education is lower in online courses.
Both online courses and facility-based programs adhere to academic standards. Online course providers also undergo a rigorous process of certification to ensure that they understand and meet the academic requirements of online courses. Furthermore, online programs are facilitated by professionals in their field. The JRooz Online IELTS Review, for instance, is facilitated by IELTS-certified instructors. Thus, you can ensure that you will receive a quality education just like in a classroom-based set-up.
Online courses require less study time.
Online review programs weigh the same as classroom-based training. You will also encounter mock exams and activities in an online course. Hence, both courses require ample amount of study time and dedication. Enrolling in online programs means being committed to performing your best in learning the subject matter.

Just like classroom-based programs, online education also provides equal opportunity for students to learn. Take your chances to develop your full potential with JRooz Online IELTS Review Courses.