Enhancing Your Long-Term Memory for IELTS Online Review

Having excellent long-term memory is essential to IELTS success. Emphasis on “long-term.” After all, the things you’ll learn from preparing with the best online IELTS review course are useful not only in acing the high-stakes exam but for your life beyond it as well. So, keep yours sharp during your training period.


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Two Kinds of Long-term Memory

Long-term memory, as its name implies, pertains to the type of memory responsible for maintaining information for long periods of time. It has two kinds: explicit and implicit. To improve and use them for IELTS Academic review, you need to understand how they work.


  • Explicit memory, also known as “declarative memory,” demands conscious thought.

To recollect a piece of information, the person must deliberately recall it.


Explicit memories are best formed when they are linked to other memories and to something definite (e.g., an object, an event, etc.). For example, when you think of your college life, your mind automatically conjures information and scenarios associated with it. You may recall anything from the layout of your campus to the events of your last semester.


  • Implicit memory, also known as non-declarative memory, does not demand conscious thought. To recollect a piece of information, it must be repeatedly revisited or practiced.


Implicit memories are formed through muscle memory. Your morning routine is an excellent example. You know how it goes so well that you don’t even need to pay attention to how you do it sometimes.


Enhancing Your Long-Term Memory

Ensuring the best online IELTS review experience requires both explicit and implicit memory. So, it’s imperative that you work on improving both. Integrating the following tips into your training strategies definitely helps.


  • Manage stress. Experiencing extreme stress can keep you from recalling long-term memories. This is because the brain generates cortisol, a hormone that diminishes your ability to retain and recollect information, whenever you’re stressed. So, manage your stress levels. De-stress before and after your training sessions to retain your lessons.


  • Reread your IELTS Academic review lessons before bed. Studies show that the last things your mind processes before you go to bed are the first ones it reinforces into your long-term memory when you hit deep sleep. So, make a habit of rereading your materials before going to sleep. It’ll help you retain their contents longer.


  • Recollecting everything you accomplished for the day before sleeping. As mentioned in the previous tip, the information you’ve been pondering over before you sleep are the first ones that your brain consolidates into your long-term memory. So, consider reviewing your day before hitting the hay. Recall what happened during the day’s IELTS class or your latest efforts to enhance your English communication skills.


  • Take care of yourself.

A healthy body contributes to a healthy mind. And, a healthy mind means a sharper memory. So, take care of yourself. Get enough sleep, stay hydrated, eat nutritious food, and keep yourself fit. Drop unhealthy habits like drinking and smoking.


Keep your long-term memory in top condition for the best online IELTS review experience. Follow these tips!