Essential Tips for IELTS Online Review Students

Just because you enrolled in the best IELTS online review course in the country, doesn’t mean that test success is guaranteed. You need to make the most of the program. What’s the point of training under PTE experts if you only made a token effort to learning and retaining their lessons? Follow the tips below to enhance your review experience.

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  1. Establish the coverage of your IELTS package.

Determine the coverage of your training program. What materials would you get? How many sessions does it include and what do they cover? Does it have a set time frame or is it up to you to schedule your classes? What skills are you expected to gain from the course? Find out the answers to these questions to get an idea of your program’s coverage and what you can do to maximize it.


  1. Make the most of your IELTS online classes.

Here’s a list of what you should do before, during, and after your review sessions to maximize your program.


Before the class:

  • Check your Internet connection.

  • Make sure your equipment (e.g., headset, speaker, webcam, etc.) is functional.

  • Review your notes, handouts, and activities about the last session.

  • Ensure you’ve accomplished all your IELTS online assignments.

  • Let your housemates know of your training session.

  • Get rid of as many study distractions as possible (e.g., close social media browser tabs, put your mobile device on silent mode, etc.).

  • Have a water bottle within reach.

  • Use the restroom.


During the class:

  • Focus on the lecture.

  • Jot down notes.

  • Ask questions.

  • Clarify confusing lesson points.


After the class:

  • Review your notes, handouts, and mock test performance.

  • Accomplish your IELTS online assignments.

  • Organize your IELTS package


  1. Commit to a study routine.

It’s highly recommended that you schedule your IELTS online classes and self-study sessions at the same time every day. It will make it easier for you to get into the right mindset for training.


  1. Engage in memory-boosting activities.

Having sharp retention skills will not only help you recall essential information faster, but it’ll also elevate your other cognitive abilities. It can improve vocabulary, focus, comprehension, critical-thinking skills, and more. Consider integrating the following memory-enhancing activities into your study routine.


  • Meditate

  • Keep a journal.

  • Read mystery novels.

  • Take up a new sport.

  • Learn new recipes and try new foods.

  • Play brain-boosting mobile games like Elevate and Lumosity.

  • Play games that challenge your thinking skills like chess and puzzles.

Make every second of your training period count to exceed your band score objectives. Follow these tips for the best IELTS online review experience!