Handling Sentence Completion Tasks in IELTS Reading

JRooz IELTS package training sessions usually include an in-depth take of the reading exam’s Sentence Completion tasks. Here’s why.


  • The incomplete sentences are not identical to some parts of the text. So, you can’t scan for them.
  • You have two options. You can either scan for paraphrased versions of the incomplete sentences or give the entire text a thorough read. The former is quicker but riskier. There’s no guarantee that you’ll pick out the information you need on your initial scan. So, you may have to scan the passage two or more times. Reading the text thoroughly, on the other hand, guarantees that you’ll find the answer at the cost of a lot of time.
  • You need to ensure your answer follows the word limit.


So, make sure you’re prepared for these tasks. Enroll in one of our IELTS Academic review courses and develop a test strategy. Integrate the following tips into your approach.

woman handling IELTS READING books

  1. Check out the incomplete sentences first.

This is the top strategy that JRooz IELTS package instructors teach their students.

Why? Because reading these items first will give you an idea of what information to look for in the text. Take note of nouns, verbs, and figures. Pay attention to the words before and after the blank. Based on them, predict the word type (e.g., noun, verb, adjective, etc.) that’ll satisfy the gap.


  1. Don’t let unfamiliar words rattle you.

You don’t need to understand the entire text to ace this section. You just need to complete the sentences. Once you’ve found the information you need for an item, move on to the next one. Don’t waste time making sense of unfamiliar words and expressions unless you think it’s related to the sentence you need to complete.


  1. Pay attention to the word limit.

It’s mentioned in the instructions. IELTS examiners do not mark answers that go over or under the word limit. So, pay attention. If it says “NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS AND/OR A NUMBER,” make sure your response only has two words or numbers.


Contracted words (e.g., you’re, they’re, etc.) are not considered by the examiner, so don’t use them. Also, keep in mind that hyphenated words are counted as one. Make a habit out of checking your word count during your IELTS Academic review period.


  1. Consider the order of the questions.

The answer for the first question is mentioned first in the text, followed by the answer for the second, third, and so on. Keep this in mind when you answer these tasks. It’ll help ensure that you’re on the right track.


Take note! These are only some of the things that can help you ace the reading test’s Sentence Completion tasks. If you want to learn more, enroll in a JRooz IELTS package. Not only will you get an insider’s take of the section (Our instructors are IELTS passers!), but you’ll also get to experience its pressures and demands with an accurate mock test.

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