How to Handle Tricky Questions in the IELTS GT Reading Test

As one of the four sections of the IELTS General Training Test, the reading sub-test assesses your skills in the following areas:


  • reading for gist, critical points, and supporting details;

  • understanding logical argument;

  • skimming; and

  • identifying the author’s opinion, attitudes, and purposes.


The IELTS GT Reading consists of 40 questions, 11 reading tasks, and lasts around 60 minutes. However, some of these questions are quite challenging and might cause you to lose your chances of getting a high band score. To help you overcome this, below are JRooz Online Review tips on how to handle tricky questions in the IELTS General Training Reading Test:


  • Some of the challenging multiple-choice questions require you to recognize specific information from the given text. Examine the questions and underline their keywords. Then skim the given text and look for words and phrases that are similar to the keywords in the questions. Maximize your best IELTS online course review by learning how to skim different academic texts.


  • Identifying information task is one of the most challenging reading tasks in the IELTS GT Reading Test. It consists of tricky statements that require you to determine if each statement is related or not related to the given text. To ace this reading task, simply rewrite each statement in your own words. Doing this enables you to identify if the statement belongs to the text.


  • Matching information tasks have difficult questions that require you to connect ideas and concepts from the given text. To accomplish this reading task, utilize the outline method of note-taking to answer the questions properly. The outline method organizes information in a highly structured, logical manner. As you skim the text, list down all the critical points using the outline method. Then use your notes when answering matching information tasks.


  • The IELTS GT Reading Test also has complicated completion tasks that require you to fill in the gaps of a given item. To answer these questions properly, pay attention to the specific details cited in the given text. Then write it down chronologically. Use these notes when filling in the gaps.


  • Enrolling in the best IELTS online course review also boosts your exam preparation and ace the reading test. During your online classes, practice answering IELTS GT Reading mock tests.


One final note: Keep in mind that the order of questions is the same as the order of ideas in the given text. So it is essential to skim and examine the text before you answer the questions.

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