IELTS Academic Review Hacks: Phone Interview Tips to Land Your Dream Job

IELTS Academic Review course serves as a doorway of opportunities to study, work, or live in an English-speaking country. This has been one of the go-to training for students who are aspiring to pursue their career abroad. IELTS instructors are well-trained to guide students and let them meet the exam demands.


IELTS Academic Review


If you are planning to take the course, you have two options. You may choose to enroll in a facility-based training or an IELTS online review. Whichever package you choose, you can be sure that instructors will teach you to the best of their ability. Once you accomplish your band score goal, you must work hard to get into your dream job abroad. In some cases, you are likely to encounter a phone interview. Follow these tips to advance to the next stage of the application process and turn your dream into a reality.


Phone Interview Tips


Before the Interview


1. Research about the company
Gather all necessary information about the company and the position you are applying for—i.e., business background, important personnel, job description, company culture, etc. Maximize your resources to gather as much information as you will need during the interview. Visit their business website and social media page. Looking at the reviews is also one way to gauge if their company practice is in line with your interests and principles.


2. Practice
Once you have gathered information, practice answering sample job interview questions from the web. Scan through your resume and make sure that you know every detail you included. Practice first in front of the mirror. Once you are feeling confident, you can try mock interviews with your colleagues.


During the Interview


3. Listen attentively
Keep in mind that the interview is a dynamic process. You must listen attentively when it is not yet your turn to speak. Apply the listening tips you have learned in your IELTS Academic review. These will help you focus and get the main idea of each question that will be asked.


4. Actively respond to queries
Your answers can make or break your interview. This is why it is important that you carefully select your words. Make sure that your responses are intelligent, honest, and creative. Offer something new to the interviewer. Present your answers with enthusiasm to leave a positive impression. It is also recommended that you slow down when talking and make sure that you maintain an active and clear voice.


After the Interview


5. Follow up
After the interview, send a letter of gratitude to the hiring manager or recruiter on the same day. It shows that you are genuinely interested in the position you are applying for. Do a follow up if you have not heard from them after a week. Be polite but persistent in your follow-ups to avoid coming off as nagging or desperate.


Doing a phone interview can be as nerve-wracking as a personal interview. Keep these tips in mind and apply them to your interview to guarantee success. Learn more tips at JRooz IELTS Online Review.