IELTS Exam Tip: How to Write Faster

The IELTS exam is designed to measure an individual’s English communicative ability—Speaking, Listening, Writing, and Reading. To some students, IELTS Writing is the most difficult section.


Writing can be challenging if you do not know where to start. Beginners and professional writers alike may encounter some writing downtime especially when they are clueless on how or when to begin. This is crucial especially if you are pressed for time. In the IELTS test, you will be given 60 minutes to accomplish the Writing component. For both Academic and General Training exam, you will be required to accomplish two tasks. Given the time pressure, you must learn how to write faster without sacrificing the quality of your essay.


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Writing under pressure is one skill that you will develop in an IELTS online review. Do you want to know more tricks on how to level up your writing speed?


Here are some writing techniques that you can practice.


1. Make Writing a Choice
Condition your mind to commit to writing. Eliminate negative thoughts that prevent you from writing. Although it is true that writing can be intimidating at first, you will learn to overcome it and embrace the challenge once you make writing a choice.


2. Set Realistic Writing Goals
As a beginner, it is understandable that you cannot finish a 300-word essay in one sitting. Do not expect too much and too early in your writing development. With practice and training in an IELTS online review program, you will understand the writing process and learn how to organize your ideas within the required time. Start with connecting ideas and banking on topics for your essay. Begin writing at least a 100-word essay until you can let your ideas freely flow and finish a 300-word essay.


3. Create an Outline
Organizing your ideas before writing is one of the best ways to level up your writing speed. Your outline does not have to be detailed. Just think about what you want to write. List down specific points you need to tackle and organize them to create a logical flow. Another technique is to take note of keywords per topic to spawn more ideas as you begin to write later on.


4. Set a Timer
There is no better way to speed up your writing than to practice with a timer. It allows you to gauge how much time you need to organize your ideas, write them down, and proofread your final output.


5. Practice Writing Every day
Aside from writing exercises on your IELTS online class, it is also important that you practice on your own. Allocate at least an hour per day to work on your writing skills. Write about your interests or the latest issues. Writing can be learned. You just have to practice and be committed to developing your skills.


6. Write When You Are Groggy
Studies suggest that people become more creative at their groggiest state. Are you more active at night? Then try writing in the morning. Discover how this activity can boost your writing speed.


7. Slow Down
Although you want to improve your writing speed, aiming for maximum speed especially during the exam can hamper your flow. Do not focus on the given time. Writing too fast can compromise the quality of your essay. Instead, aim to discuss all important points in a clear and organized manner.


The Writing component of the IELTS exam measures students’ ability to express their ideas effectively through non-verbal communication. Make sure that you do not sacrifice quality for speed.

Follow these tips to maximize the time allotted for the Writing test. Achieve your test score goal through the help of JRooz Online!