IELTS General Training News: IELTS Joint-funded Research Program 2019

Since 1995, the IELTS joint-funded research program has provided financial support for more than 90 external IELTS General Training and Academic studies carried out by over 130 researchers all over the world. Students, teachers and even academic institutions with relevant experience are invited to join and present their IELTS-related research project.

IELTS Joint-funded Research Program


The IELTS joint-funded is sponsored by the British Council and IDP: IELTS Australia with the support from the Cambridge Assessment English. The main goal of this program is to ensure that:


• the IELTS General Training and Academic Test remain contemporary, relevant and useful for various organizations that accept the IELTS results; and


• IELTS can contribute to the growing understanding of the nature of language proficiency and its place within linguistic and language education.


ielts general training


Interested? The IELTS Joint Research Committee encourages applications to undertake a research study which deals with these three broad areas:

1. Test development and validation issues
2. Issues relating to contexts of test use
3. Issues of test impact


Submitting a Proposal


When submitting a proposal, you should take the form of a typed/word processed document of no more than ten pages accompanied by the completed application forms.


Application forms


• Download Application form (PDF, 100KB)
• Download Application form (Word, 265KB)


Proposals are welcomed from researchers and educational institutions with expertise in language learning and assessment research. To boost your JRooz Online Review preparation even more, check out the following timescale:


• 30 June – Deadline for submission of proposals
• July/August – Preliminary review of proposals by IELTS partners
• October – Meeting of Joint Research Committee to evaluate and select successful proposals
• November – Applicants notified of the Committee’s decision


All applications must follow appropriate ethical clearance and confidentiality codes as required by your university, organization, and/or region.


The maximum amount of funding which will be available for a specific proposal is £45,000 or AUD$70,000, which includes institutional overheads/taxes. Keep in mind that the proposal should make it evident that the requested term of research and the amount of funding are justified and appropriate; otherwise, the chances of a successful application may be avoided.


Researchers funded under this program will commence their research studies in January 2020, and all of their studies must be completed with a full report submitted by the end of December 2020 or December 2021.


So what are you waiting for? Enroll now in JRooz Online Review and start planning your research study today. For more IELTS news and test-taking tips, subscribe to our blog now!