IELTS Hacks: Effective Speaking Strategies

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Improving Speaking Skills

The IELTS exam has four categories: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. The following discussion will focus on improving your verbal communication skills.


• Organize your thoughts
Have a clear message in mind. The key is to think things through before speaking. Establish your focal points and make sure that you set relevant examples. This practice makes your speech more engaging.


• Start confidently
Set aside your speaking apprehensions and believe in yourself. Take a deep breath and clear your mind from all the troubles that surround you. Remember that every conversation must have a fresh start. Believe in your power to influence other people through your speech. Start confidently and make sure that you leave a lasting impression.


• Make eye contact
The power to influence depends on your connection with the listener. Looking in the eye sends a signal to the other person that you are interested in what he/she is saying. More importantly, it directs him/her to listen to you. If you are not comfortable with looking straight to the eye, try looking on the nose or forehead just as long as your gaze stays on the face.


• Be sincere
Be honest with the words you use. Establish a connection with your audience. If you are delivering a speech, make sure that it is backed up with facts and relevant examples. Also, do not attempt to convey false information. Just be genuine and let your personality reflect on your dialogue.


• Keep proper pacing
Slow down when talking. Pressure can sometimes cause someone to talk faster thus compromising the speech quality. Take a deep breath and relax. Bear in mind that no one else in the room but you knows exactly you’re talking about, so be confident and stay calm. Composure will help keep your ideas flowing and improve your voice quality.


• Use non-verbal expressions
Let your body move freely. Let go of your hand gestures, maintain eye contact and supplement your words with facial expression. Doing these help keep you calm and on tract with your train of thought. However, do not overdo your gestures. The key is to match your gestures with your message to avoid confusing and distracting your audience. Also, keep your proper posture, distribute your weight on both feet, and speak in a clear and audible voice.

Trust yourself that you can deliver your message. Remember, confidence is the key. Bank on these tips that will boost your speaking skills. Achieve your IELTS score goal with JRooz Online Review!