IELTS Online Course Preparation: Boosting Your PC or Laptop

A lot of time, resources, and effort will be needed in your IELTS online course preparation. And for this, every minute counts. You might be browsing into some tips on how to ace your test, but you have to wait several minutes for the pages to load—minutes you should have spent on reading more and learning more.

So we’ve listed a few ways here which can speed up your PC or laptop that will make it easier for you to make the most out of your IELTS online course prep!


man boosting laptiop for IELTS online course preparation


5 Easy Ways to Boost Your PC or Laptop


There are various simple techniques you could do to your device to speed it up and decrease loading times. Some of them rely on software or applications, and some rely on hardware.


  1. Decrease your startup programs and tasks.


Startup programs are applications are tasks that automatically open up or runs in your PC background upon booting it up. Too many startup programs will cause currently running programs load slower and can increase your laptop’s boot time.

Disable startup programs that have too much impact on your laptop’s efficiency by going to the Task Manager by pressing Ctrl-Shift-Escape. Go to the startup programs tab, and you will be able to deactivate tasks there.


  1. Kill background tasks that eat too much of your device’s efficiency.


Background tasks are ‘hidden’ in some way. They are applications you may not be using but are still running in the background. Some of them may be necessary. For example, this could be your computer’s anti-virus program, or they’re simply the drivers in your laptop that practically keeps it working.


So be careful with which tasks you have to disable. You can disable these functions in the Task Manager, too, like startup programs, but make sure you research a little about it before disabling them.


  1. Delete unnecessary applications and files.


Even though you’re not using them frequently, they’ll only occupy space in your drives. As long as you think you won’t be using them for a while, learn how to put them in your Recycle Bin. Clean your laptop—outside and inside—at least twice a month to keep it running smoothly. A lot of free applications can also clean up ‘residues’ in your computer automatically. Check them out here.


  1. Always keep your Operating System and drivers updated.


You can quickly check your OS version in your PC’s settings, and it should also automatically download the necessary files for your PC to be updated. Also, you can manually update your drivers in your Device Manager. But, if you want them to be updated automatically in one seating, you can try out programs here that updates your PC’s drivers for you.


Apart from solutions that deal mostly with software, you can also tweak your PC’s hardware. This may cost a little bit of money, but it can speed up your computer thrice more than just relying on software solutions.


  1. Upgrade your RAM.


Your PC’s Random Access Memory is like a short term memory for your computer. It processes tasks you are using at the moment for it to be quickly accessed. With a greater RAM, you can get a higher speed at your applications, programs, and files.


Most PCs’ RAM can be easily upgraded because its parts are easier to tweak. However, not all laptops have RAMs that are upgradable. Before upgrading your RAM, make sure you research it first and consult with an expert technician to help further.


Time Is a Luxury in Your IETLS Online Course Prep


It’s one of the many clichés that have always been true—time is gold—most especially when you use these hours in your IELTS online courses as you work your way to your dreams. You must always be efficient. Take advantage of technology and its wonders. It was built to help us in doing and making things faster and more efficient anyway.

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