IELTS Online Speaking: IELTS Online Sample Test Questions from Exam-Takers

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During your IELTS online preparation, you will know that the English-proficiency exam is divided into four sections: Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking. This discussion focuses on the online IELTS Speaking component.


The IELTS Online Speaking test assesses your ability to communicate verbally using the English language. It is divided into three parts.

• Part 1 — In this section, you will be asked to answer questions about a range of familiar topics, such as work, family, home, and interest. You will be given four to five minutes to accomplish this part.


• Part 2 — In this section, you will be asked to talk about a particular topic. You will be given a minute to prepare and two minutes to state your answer. One to two follow up questions will then be asked.


• Part 3 — This section is related to the topic in Part 2. You will be asked to discuss more abstract ideas and issues about the topic in the previous section. This part lasts for five minutes.

To give you an overview of the discussions you will encounter in an online course, here are ielts online sample test questions and topics from previous exam-takers. Practice answering these ielts online sample test questions with a friend to aid your IELTS online preparation.



What is your work?

What are your responsibilities at work?

What do you enjoy most about your work?

Do you plan to enter other fields of interest in the future?


Where do you live?

What type of place is it?

What was it like to grow up in your hometown?

Has it changed since you were a child?


What are the most recent gifts you received?

Which one made you happy the most?

What did your gift look like?

What is the value of giving gifts?


Do you prefer shopping?

What is your idea of online shopping?

What is the difference between going to market and shopping online?

What do men/women prefer –traditional or online shopping?


How many hours a day do you spend on your mobile?

Which mobile activities do you engage in?

Do you think children in your country spend too much time using their mobile devices?

Do you think mobile devices are useful educational tools?


How long does it take you to get in your work place?

What is your mode of transportation?

What do you often do while you are traveling?

Do you think commuting to work is efficient?


What is your idea of a perfect home?

Where do you want it to be located?

How do you think it should look like?

Do people prefer staying in modern or traditional homes?

It is important that you maximize your IELTS online preparation to answer these questions confidently. Remember to breathe deeply before you speak, keep proper pacing, and speak with an audible voice. Take advantage of the preparation time to organize your ideas and formulate your answers. More importantly, speak clearly. Keep your answers simple yet meaningful.


These are just some of the most common questions and topics that you will encounter in the Speaking section of the IELTS exam. Maximize your review time. Develop your English communication skills with the help of JRooz Online Review!