IELTS Online Tips: How to Improve Your Spelling

The English language is a complex subject that is difficult to master for non-native English speakers. But, fret not! Even native speakers find some English words confusing too. The reason behind this is there a lot of English words that are borrowed from other languages. That is why there are many weirdly spelled words.

Improve your spelling

How can IELTS online review help improve your spelling skills?

With many words adapted from different cultures and languages, learning to spell in English can sometimes be intimidating. There is no need to worry because IELTS online course instructors will help you. The online program is designed not only to help students improve their spelling, but also to develop their overall English communication skills: Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking. This is useful especially if you are planning to take the IELTS exam. The key is to find the right review center to entrust your test preparations with.
JRooz IELTS Online Course is trusted by students and international organizations alike in providing English language lessons. During one-on- one coaching sessions, instructors will deliver an in-depth discussion of each test component. Instructors also give review strategies to help students improve their knowledge and skills.

Spelling Techniques

When it comes to spelling, you will see a noticeable improvement by using these tried-and- tested techniques that good spellers use. Read on and discover these spelling strategies to aid your IELTS online review.


  1. Make friends with the English dictionary
  2. Dictionary is a helpful tool not only in improving your spelling skills but also in expanding your vocabulary and comprehension. There are different kinds of dictionaries that you can use to improve your spelling.
    • Spelling dictionaries list words with no meanings to make it easier to find a word and focus on the spelling. They also include word variations to see how adding prefixes and suffixes affect the spelling of the word.
    • Phonetic dictionaries, on the other hand, list words by their sounds. Sometimes, words are listed by their vowel sounds or syllable counts. This is useful in identifying the commonly misspelled words because of their pronunciation.

  3. Familiarize with English spelling rules
  4. The best way to learn English is to know its rules. Start by learning how adding suffixes change the spelling of the word. Once you have mastered one rule, move on to the next to maximize your test preparation period.

  5. Play word games
  6. Words games, such as Scrabble and Scattergories, are a fun way to improve your spelling skills and introduce new words to your vocabulary. There are also mobile applications that you can download to test yourself even more, such as Spelling City and SpellTower.

  7. Read a lot
  8. Reading is a useful habit that improves your vocabulary, comprehension, spelling, and, reading skills. Identify your field of interest, and start reading little by little. For instance, you can start by reading blogs and magazines before you delve into other lengthier reading materials. Reading is another fun way to introduce new words to your vocabulary and improve your spelling skills.

  9. Create a vocabulary journal
  10. Start by listing down the most commonly misspelled words. Include at least three new words in your vocabulary journal per day. Remember, knowing what you need to learn is an integral part of learning.

  11. Test your spelling skills
  12. Try different English spelling exams available online to put your skills to test. This will help you monitor your learning progress. Another technique is to get a friend to test you on your target words regularly.

Remember, English spelling is a skill that can be honed. Discover more review strategies and develop your English communication skills with JRooz IELTS Online Course. Secure your IELTS goal, and achieve your dream career abroad!