IELTS Online Tips: How Social Media Can Improve Your Review

Most IELTS online course instructors would tell their students to stay off social media sites during their test training—and they have a good reason to do so. Aside from being a major study distraction, social media also affects how students perceive, process, and retain information.


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If you love using social media, do not worry. You do not have to give up your hobby during your IELTS online review. When used strategically, social media can be a useful learning tool instead of a study distraction.

Here’s how you can use it to improve your test preparations.

• Follow an IELTS-centered social media page
Follow social media pages dedicated to the IELTS exam. Administrators and followers of these pages usually post useful information about the exam. Most of the things that they share come from their experience as exam takers and passers. Subscribing to such pages is a great way to build up your knowledge of the exam outside of your IELTS online course.


• Join a chat group dedicated to IELTS review
Get in touch with other IELTS test takers and prepare for the high-stakes exam together. You can search for and join chat groups created for test takers. Exchange review materials, tips, and even just talk with people encountering the similar issues as you are. Just make sure that the people participating in your group are friendly and results-driven.


• Blog about your IELTS online review experience
Sharing your test training progress online has a lot of benefits. It lets you keep track of your review activities, obtain constructive criticisms from your peers online, helps you stay motivated throughout your preparations, and, who knows, you might even help someone encountering difficulties in their own preparations. Blogging about your IELTS review also gives you a way to channel your creativity and reflect on your activities.


• Find supplemental materials
Social media sites are chock-full of useful materials for your IELTS review. Watch YouTube videos explaining challenging language concepts. Follow IELTS experts to keep yourself updated with the latest developments about the exam. Find other supplemental materials like infographics about the test’s components and video clips about the proper decorum in the speaking test.

Maximize social media’s potential as a learning tool. Instead of letting it distract you from your IELTS online review, use social media to enhance your training experience. Follow JRooz’s Online Review social media page at to get the lates news, tips and promos!


Do you know other ways to use social media for study? Let us know in the comments below!