IELTS Partners Welcome Research Funding Application

IELTS partners invite educational institutions and qualified individuals (researchers and academics with interest in language learning and assessment) to apply for funding through the IELTS research project.


According to Warwick Freeland, the Managing Director of IELTS, IDP Education, IELTS partners are welcoming research applications that focus on how language is learned and assessed. They are also welcoming proposals that explore how test takers and organizations are using IELTS to pursue their study, work or migration goals. With up to £45,000/AUS$70,000 financial support for individual projects, each research funding application must examine the development, validation, and impact of the IELTS General Training and Academic test.


All IELTS research funding application will be managed by a Joint Research Committee, which agrees on research priorities and supervises the tendering process. In identifying the quality of each research application, the committee may call on a panel of external reviewers.


ielts general training


Research Topics for 2018

For those who want to submit their application, the IELTS Joint Research Committee encourages applications to undertake research studies that fit within these three broad areas:


  1. IELTS General Training and Academic test development and validation issues
  2. Issues concerning contexts of the test use.
  3. IELTS topics that focus on the test impact.


How to submit a research funding application?

Proposals for research funding should take the form of a typed/word-processed document of no more than ten pages and must be accompanied by the completed application forms. You can download the Grants Application Form and a sample proposal from the British Council an IDP: IELTS Australia. Moreover, applicants must submit the application forms and project proposals in electronic form to either the British Council or IDP: IELTS Australia. Deadline for submission of proposals is on June 30, 2018.


How do these IELTS research proposals help examinees in their IELTS Academic review or General Training review?

The primary purpose of this research funding application is to maintain the global leadership position of the IELTS as the premier language testing in the world and to ensure the quality of each test formats and course training materials for both IELTS General Training and IELTS Academic test.


Furthermore, Freeland says that the research output of this program is critical in ensuring the continuous innovation of the test based on rigorous research and feedback from the IELTS community.


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