Instructor Profiles

We believe that effective coaching completes teaching-learning process. That being said, the JRooz online instructors are consequently trained to effectively assess students’ outputs and deliver a personalized feedback and remediation for each of the student.

Denver Jeremiah Ebba, IELTS Online Coach and Instructor

Diligent and firm – just two of the many words to positively describe the IELTS Interactive Program’s Writing Specialist. He is a young, but an experienced, and educated online instructor who imposes objective firmness with his students in terms of rules and standards. This is because he aims for his students to not only be fully prepared for taking the IELTS exam, but most importantly, to ace it! He also specializes in speaking coaching where he gives comprehensive tips and techniques to his students to speak fluently and eloquently.

Melanie Mae Zafe, IELTS Online Coach and Instructor

Being an adept in both oral and written communication, Ms. Mel is one of the IELTS Interactive instructors who gives thorough assessments and detailed evaluations to students. Establishing a strong rapport among students during lectures and coaching sessions yet creating a classroom environment where they highly learn the four subtests in preparation for their upcoming exam is Ms. Mel’s one significant coaching style.

Mary Kim Chua, IELTS Online Coach and Instructor

Bringing the fun side inside the online classroom is what Ms. Kim does to encourage better learning and retention. Honing not just as IELTS candidates, but also as adults to be comfortable with the English language is her forte. Considered as the Speaking Specialist, she is an online instructor who aims to build a learning environment where candidates feel that enhancing their confidence both in oral and written communication and having fun at the same time through online learning, is very much possible.

Argel Olivas, IELTS Online Coach and Instructor

He significantly believes that Grammar is one of the many foundations of the English language and is very important to establish effective communication; which is why this particular detail during his lecture and coaching sessions is what students truly appreciate and look forward to learning. When it comes to achieving band scores, Mr. Argel always ensures to give an adequate and extensive feedback to his students where he specifies the points that each candidate needs to improve on.