JRooz Online Review Tips: How to Use Attributive Adjectives

The Writing Task 2 is one of the most difficult tasks in the IELTS Academic Writing Test. For this writing test, you will be asked to write an essay in response to a specific point of view, an argument, or a problem. You will be given 40 minutes to write an essay with 250 words. This writing task measures your ability to present a clear, relevant, and well-organized argument.


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Attributive Adjectives


Attributive adjectives are words that describe a characteristic of a noun or pronoun in a sentence. These words come before the word they modify and can also be a part of a noun phrase. If you’re a student enrolled in the best IELTS online course review program, it is vital to know the intricacies of using attributive adjectives, which includes these two types of attributive adjectives.


  1. Restrictive Attributive Adjective

A restrictive attributive adjective establishes the identity or the distinction of the noun in a sentence. Read these examples:


The scented candles flickered in the night.


Scented is the restrictive attributive adjective. It describes the smell of the candles.


The white dog is barking.


White is the restrictive attributive adjective. It tells the color of the dog.


            The main idea is placed at the beginning of the paragraph.


Main is the restrictive attributive adjective. It explains what kind of idea is located at the beginning of the paragraph. It is also a part of the noun phrase main idea.


  1. Non-restrictive Attributive Adjective


A non-restrictive attributive adjective adds a description to the subject that is already identified by a noun in a sentence. Here are some examples:


As one of the challenging components of the IELTS Academic Test, the Writing Section consists of two writing tasks and lasts around 60 minutes to complete.


Challenging is the non-restrictive attributive adjective. It tells what kind of IELTS Academic component is the writing section.


Considered as the best performance of the season, Haley Reinhart’s rendition of the “House of the Rising Sun” is still the most viewed American Idol performance in YouTube.


Best is the non-restrictive attributive adjective. It describes the quality of the subject’s performance.


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Leading is the non-restrictive attributive adjective. It explains the current status of the subject in the sentence.


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