Matching Information to Paragraphs in IELTS Reading

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Put everything you learned from your IELTS classes to practice. Overcome your linguistic weaknesses, follow your instructor’s advice, and develop strategies for the various task types of the exam. This article focuses on the success essentials for the reading test’s Matching Information to Paragraphs section. Integrate them into your approach to ace this task type!

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  1. Start with the questions.

It’s crucial that you understand them before reading the text. Take note of their keywords and phrases. But…


  1. Don’t look for their exact match in the text.

There’s a reason why this section is called “Matching Information to Paragraphs” not “Matching Keywords and Phrases to Paragraphs. Most of the time, the way the information is presented in the question differs from the way it’s mentioned in the text. So, don’t confine your search to their exact matches. Instead, keep an eye out for passages that convey the same meaning. They can be composed of synonyms or paraphrased versions of the questions. Keep these in mind during your IELTS online course.


  1. Develop your skimming and scanning skills.

Skim the text to get its gist. Then, scan it for the information you require. Whenever you encounter a passage that’s similar to the information you need, compare it to the question. If it’s a match, mark it. If it’s not, leave a mark to convey this (perhaps a cross mark beside the sentence), and move on to the other paragraphs. Repeat until you find the answer.


Having excellent skimming and scanning skills will make this process easier. So, develop these reading techniques alongside your best online IELTS course sessions.


  1. Keep an eye out for numbers and proper nouns.

Here’s the thing: names, places, and numbers don’t have synonyms. Likewise, they can’t be paraphrased. So, if you’re having a hard time locating the information you need, scan for these information.


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