Quick Quotation Rules to Level-Up Your Writing

When writing essays containing facts for your IELTS review online, it is common to quote research and sayings from famous people. Quoting is always connected to paraphrasing because these are techniques in writing wherein you can use another person’s idea without plagiarizing.


Quotation marks (“ ”) have many uses, such as for dialogs, sources, and titles. You can also use quotation marks when emphasizing a word or a phrase. The most crucial thing that you need to keep in mind about quotation marks is that it must always come in pairs—the opening and closing marks.


To properly use this punctuation mark in your writing, you must follow these rules.


Quick Quotation Rules to Level-Up Your Writing | JRooz Online


Quotations and Capitalization

When quoting a complete sentence, you should start the quote with a capital letter, even if it is in the middle of the sentence.


The saying goes, “You must live like it is your last.”


However, if you are quoting a phrase, begin your quote with a lower-cased letter.


He called him “happy, joyful, and a blessing,” then he went home.


Quotations and other Punctuation marks


When you are ending your sentence with a quote, place the commas and periods inside the quotation marks. Semi-colons and colons, however, are placed outside the quotation marks. As for question marks and exclamation points, they follow their own rules.


Comma: “There was an earthquake last night,” Abraham said

Period: Kai did not believe him when he complained. “I was not there when it happened.” 

Colon: Coleen was self-aware of what people called “Coleen’s weakness trio”: she was deaf, color-blind, and old.

Semi-colon: Sandro muttered, “But I heard it”; it was going to be a long day.


Single Quotation marks


There are times when a quote contains a quote. Although this happens rarely, if a quotation should appear within another quotation, single quotation marks (‘ ’) should be used within the quote.


“ ‘What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?’ is my favorite Korean series,” Dianne confessed.


Another use of single quotation marks is that it can be a replacement for parentheses.


Jack greeted John bonjour ‘good day’ on his way to their IELTS practice.



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