How the 50/10 Rule Improves Your IELTS Online Review

Preparing for an intensive IELTS exam requires effort and concentration. This is why it is significant that you look for other ways to develop your English communication skills aside from engaging in one-on-one coaching sessions. One key strategy that you can incorporate into your study routine is the 50/10 rule.

Improves Your IELTS Online Review

The 50/10 Rule

This is the rule that experts recommend to students to increase their productivity during IELTS online review sessions. The 50/10 rule states that individuals must study for 50 minutes and rest for ten minutes. The key is never to force yourself to study for long hours. You also need to take a rest from time to time.


Benefits of the 50/10 Rule in Improving Your IELTS Online Review Performance

No matter how enthusiastic you are about the module you are studying, reviewing until you feel burnt out can result in wasted effort. The 50/10 rule is one of the most effective ways to combat this problem and boost your energy to study.


  1. It helps reduce test anxiety
    Thinking about the English-proficiency exam can be overwhelming for some and can lead to test anxiety. Managing your study time with the 50/10 rule helps balance your learning efforts and time for relaxation.


  3. It increases your focus
    Being in a 50-minute cycle allows individuals to concentrate on their task until the time for leisure comes. To follow this 50/10 rule, it is vital that you eliminate all possible review distractions. Having the discipline to focus on your studies also helps in ensuring its effectiveness.


  5. It boosts your energy and motivation
    The 50/10 rule allows individuals to do anything they want during the 10-minute break. You can listen to your favorite music, eat your favorite food, or go for a short walk to relax your mind. These activities help boost your energy and keep you motivated for the next 50-minute review time.


  7. It allows you to track your learning progress
    Following the 50/10 rule lets you know exactly how much time you spend on reviewing each test component. This will help you track your learning progress and determine the areas, such as grammar or speaking skills, that still need improvement.


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