I highly encourage (advise) everyone who will be taking IELTS to enroll in a review center like Jrooz in which there will be an instructor who could advise you regarding your weak points and how to improve it. I had problems with my speaking score which was stuck at 6.5 for 2 consecutive exams and only after I had my skype coaching sessions with Ms. Angel that I was able to get a 7 in speaking. Overall experience was good, everyone was accommodating and helpful. And I am really grateful that I could finally renew my CGFNS visa screen certificate which takes me closer to achieving my American dream. Thank you Ms. Angel and Jrooz.

Maria Concepcion Alfaro, Philippines

JRooz Online review has made my review easier. They taught me various ways on how to create an essay for my writing test and on how to answer the interviewer for the speaking test. It has made my IELTS experience easier and fun at the same time. They have very friendly, approachable and understanding coaches. As I am pleased with the service, I already recommended the JRooz Online to my friends. Thank you!

Allisson Kim Bernaldo, Philippines

Splendid; Fantastic teachers. This was my second time to take the IELTS and overall my scores improved, my speaking improved miraculously from 6 to 7.5. I was in shock because I thought I would not get a band 7. In the end, I now have the scores that I need for me to be accepted in the United States. God provided me what I need and I am happy and thankful for the blessing along with your help, teachings, and guidance that I finally conquered IELTS.

H. Cherry, Singapore

JROOZ IELTS Online Review is really a big help for me as i am currently working abroad having hard time to study for my review. Luckily, someone recommended me this review center. I really admire the support and the time they gave me to develop my English skills very well despite being an online student, also they helped me acquired my desire band score which is 6 and thanks God i got 7 in my final report! I really recommend this review center in preparing for your examination to IELTS and I'm happy that i'am part of the soaring passers and soon it will be you! Good luck!

Norlailah A. Manabilang RN, Cebu

If you want to meet your band score requirement for your IELTS exam but have a busy work schedule, JRooz is the best choice! Their flexible online program has helped me reach my goal despite my demanding job. Thanks to my instructors who made my review experience fantastic - Miss Kathe, Miss Angel and Sir Gelo who handled me all throughout my review. They�re all excellent (knows the subject matter very well), enthusiastic (willing to give you supplementary knowledge and tips), and accommodating (has a pleasing way of teaching). The admin was very considerate and willing to compromise to meet your time and goal. I highly recommend JRooz to everyone. More power to JRooz!

Cloud01, Australia

Working in a community where English is not advisable during health information drive, I can say that I am not that comfortable with my performance in THE 'speaking part' during my IELTS exam (not to mention I need to get at least 7). This is mainly the reason why I enrolled at JROOZ online review. At first I experienced a few glitchES with the system making it hard for me to schedule a live coaching but thanks to the very attentive and helpful customer care and IT team my problem was resolved, (it took awhile for me to realize that all I have to do is ask and they'd do the rest). The coach were professionalS. I was handled by Miss Kath and Miss Angel and both are commendable, though the teaching style of Miss Angel suited my learning needs and personality type. Her feedback was clear and simple and she supplemented it with recommended answers and necessary corrections. Overall, thank you I reached my desired band score in speaking and my overall score even exceeded what is required OF me; even if my preparation time was so brief ,more or less a month and even if my study session was often interrupted it is still a success in the end.

J. Medolla, Masbate

I'm very happy that JROOZ opened an online review. It's perfect for those with busy schedules, like me! I also like the fact that the schedule is flexible. One wouldn't have to worry about being late to class or having to travel to the office for review. I hope you will make more test samples available in the future, even with the Bronze package. I would suggest linking reliable sources for self-review because there are a lot of them available even upon Google search. Waiting for the test day was nerve-wracking, especially the speaking exam! It was one of those things that you will feel relieved once it's over! But I'm glad I had my review at JROOZ. It helped boost my confidence. More power! :)

M. Ramiro

I have gained tremendous benefit from enrolling in JRooz online review. The team has definitely helped me overcome my self-doubt, the review made me more confident in taking the exam. I appreciate your sound criticism and encouraging me to do my best in every coaching lesson that we had. Even the most subtle tips create the most noticeable impacts in my performance during the exam! GOD BLESS YOU ALL JROOZ TEAM! Continue helping and encouraging your students. THANK YOU!

Lot Gayo, USA

Thank you JROOZ Review Center for guiding me through my journey to beat my target band score in the IELTS test. They say online review is ineffective, but I can testify that online review is the same as studying in a classroom as long as you have the passion to study. To my teachers, I am grateful for your patience, and that you were able to give guidelines on how to give what examiners expect in my speaking or writing.

Arlene Aliban, Mountain Province

I would like to thank your team for being part of this victory. Apart from classroom review in Singapore being costly, I didn't have ample time to attend classes for IELTS due to my tight working schedule. It was really a perfect decision for me to register for your online review as it aided me in nailing the scores that I wanted without compromising my work. My boyfriend also got his target scores with your help. We were both delighted with your review materials and your coach and technical support were efficient in attending to our queries and needs. Kudos to your online review! I bet that your classroom based review is also great. Again, thank you very much!

Lorraine DeGuzman & Adriane Beronio, Singapore

Thank you JROOZ for the very informative lecture videos! I learned a lot even if I didn’t have any idea when I started my online review. The best part is that, I was able to review even at the middle of the night after going home from work. I was required to take the Academic module and to get a minimum of 7.0, but I achieved 7.5 in the actual test. I can now study in Australia! I can’t thank you enough!

Patricia Robes, Bulacan

Hello Jrooz! I just want to inform you that I achieved my required band scores for all components and got an 8.0 in speaking, as well! Thank you for being such effective mentors! My review wasn’t easy because Jrooz teachers have such high standards but it helped me a lot. I love how easy it was for me to match my busy work schedule with your coaching program. The online review program was a heaven’s sent for a busy working student like me. The unlimited access to the different modules helped me pace my lectures according to my needs. It was such a breeze having my online mentors coach me in the comfort of my home. Thank you.

Phillip Nolasco, Quezon City

Thank you Jrooz for helping me achieve my band score requirement. I did not expect to get a high score because I was not confident with the way I speak, however, during my Skype coaching (they have one guys!), the teachers gave me words of wisdom on how to attack the speaking test and because of that, I will forever be grateful to them. Their instructors sound pretty young but they are the best of the best. More power JRooz!

Alessandra, Bicol

One on one coaching at JROOZ Online Review Program helped me a lot to have an effective communications as well as it helped me boost my confidence in interacting with others. Teachers are very friendly, accommodating and patient enough for student like me for my betterment. That’s why I’m very thankful on this Online Review Program for the big help in achieving my goal perfectly which is to have an overall band score of 6.0.

Rose, Iloilo City

I can say that JRooz IELTS Online Review has one of the best personalized programs for all IELTS candidates. The one on one coaching sessions are very helpful in dealing with each participant’s level of knowledge and can strengthen weak points for a more focused improvement. I really like the setting of the face to face sessions. A great investment so far. Thanks JRooz! You helped me get my required band score!

Joe, Quezon City

I was not expecting this. Before, I was really struggling both in the writing and speaking parts. But after availing this online review from Jrooz, I easily learned the different techniques which are very useful in all parts of the test. Thank you, Jrooz for your dedication in helping candidates like us.

Violet, San Juan

It was my first time to try online review and it worked for me, it felt like I was in a classroom setting all along. Thank you Jrooz Online Review! I am now one step closer to my dreams.

Patrice, Ilocos Norte

I am very happy and satisfied with their IELTS Online Review because I can review wherever I want and whenever I am available. This allows me to study IELTS while accommodating my work and other responsibilities. Thus, this Online Review is very cost-effective for me because I don’t have to spend money on food, transportation, and other expenses.

Deanne Castro