The Guide to the Test Results IELTS Verification

IELTS – the International English Language Testing System – is a test for individuals who intend to work, study, or migrate in an English-speaking country. Since its establishment in 1989, IELTS has been serving educational institutions, professional bodies, governments, as well as commercial organizations around the globe.


IELTS test results are commonly used for admission to colleges, universities, and professional bodies, as well as for immigration to English-speaking nations. To secure a candidate’s test results, IELTS has a number of precautionary measures in place to safeguard against any falsification of the IELTS test results.

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The IELTS Guide to the Test Results Verification


The IELTS results verification helps institutions verify if your IELTS test results are true and accurate. As a student enrolled in an IELTS online course program, it is beneficial that you know how your chosen institution evaluates your test results.


For institutions who want to accept IELTS test result, below are the two simple steps on how to verify an IELTS test results.


Step 1: Check if your institution is already registered on the IELTS website. Click here to register your organization or to update your organization’s details if already registered.


Step 2: Once your chosen institution has listed its IELTS requirements, you can now request access to verify and download results online by completing an application form.


Keep in mind that test takers are not allowed to complete the application form. If you’re a test taker and wants to send your results to an organization, you should contact the IELTS test center where you took the test.


Now that you know how institutions can verify your test results, you can now start sending your IELTS test scores to your preferred institutions abroad.


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