Things You Should Know about Online Education

JRooz Review Center was designed to cater to students who are aspiring to pursue their career in an English-speaking country. It has expanded its reach to help more students and make learning more accessible and convenient. Aside from review centers in Makati, Manila, Davao, and Cebu, it also offers online IELTS review program for students with a busy schedule.

Training programs in JRooz Review Center are spearheaded by instructors who are graduates from the country’s top schools and universities. Realizing the need to make learning more accessible, they have launched the IELTS online review program.

Online Education

Online education employs a distance-based learning approach that aims to help students easily balance their work, life, and studies. Here are the important things that you need to know if you are planning to take an online review course.

  • Distance education is not a new idea.

    Distance-based education existed even before the advent of the World Wide Web. Since the 1800s, universities have worked to expand the reach of education and make it more accessible to students in different areas. The first form of distance learning was made possible through letter exchange between students and teachers.

  • Online education is only one form of distance-based learning system.

    Distance learning has different types classified based on the media used: radio, television, letter, phone, etc. The introduction of the Internet along with other technological developments gave distance education a new form. Online education is centered on increasing the population of learners using the Internet’s wider reach.

  • Technology is an important element in online education.

    Online education depends heavily on various learning apparatus—i.e. computer, microphone, and speaker. More importantly, it requires a stable Internet connection. This sets the limit for this type of learning system. Not having Internet connection or lacking the necessary equipment can impede the learning acquisition. Hence, it is important that when you decide to take an online class, make sure that you have completed the necessary educational resources.

  • Online education allows flexible learning.

    With online education, you have the freedom to choose your desired study location and schedule. Unlike the classroom-based setup, it is more convenient as it saves you from the hassle of commuting and fitting into a review center.

Online education gives students the freedom to study at the most convenient time at their preferred review location. Keep in mind, however, that enrolling in an online class also entails much more discipline on the student’s side to make it a success.

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