Tips for Better Eyesight

Taking care of your body and mind is essential especially when attending IELTS Academic review classes. JRooz Online Review is an intensive training that is geared toward unleashing students’ potential. In the IELTS Academic review, you will be exposed to computers particularly if you take an online class. Frequent exposure to blue light from screens of electronic devices, such as mobile phones and computers, can significantly affect your eyesight.

Studies show that overexposure to blue light may affect vision. In more severe cases, it can lead to eye problems including eye strain and retina damage. Hence, it is important that you follow these tips to keep your eyes healthy.


How to Take Care of Your Eyes

  1. Have a regular eye checkup
    Be aware of your family’s health history to determine whether you are susceptible to acquiring eye diseases. It is highly recommended that you visit an ophthalmologist for a regular eye checkup.
  2. Eat nutritious food
    Snack on fruits and vegetables that are rich in nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, vitamins C and E, and lutein. Green leafy vegetables, salmon, eggs, nuts, citrus fruits, oysters, and pork are some of the foods you can eat. These are rich in nutrients that help reduce age-related vision problems.
  3. Wear eye protection
    Exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation is harmful to the eyes. Wear sun glasses when going out to protect your eyes from UV light. This practice reduces risks of acquiring eye problems. Wearing prescription eye glass is also important especially if you are always exposed to gadgets and computers. But remember to check with your ophthalmologist before using an eye glass.
  4. Avoid smoking
    Smoking damages your optic nerve and causes macular degeneration. The optic nerve is responsible for transferring visual information from the retina to the vision centers of the brain. Meanwhile, macular degeneration is a condition wherein the central part of the retina is damaged, thus, resulting in distortion or loss of central vision. Smoking increases the chances of getting eye problems like cataracts. Hence, do not attempt to smoke. If you have already started the habit, then make an effort to quit smoking now.
  5. Exercise your eyes
    Allow your eyes to rest. Too much exposure to computer and mobile screens can dry your eyes and lead to more severe eye problems. Take a break from your computer every 20 minutes. While on a break, perform simple eye exercises, such as blinking, rolling your eyes, or closing it for about one to three minutes. These eye exercises allow your eyes to regain its strength and function more effectively.

Poor eyesight can affect your daily performance. Follow these tips to protect your eyes and elevate your chances of acquiring your IELTS goals. Enroll now in JRooz Online Review and discover more tips and tricks to guide you in your IELTS journey!