How to Use the Linking Method in Your IELTS Online Review

Are you looking for a practical learning technique to boost your exam preparation? One of the most useful study tips that you can apply in your best online IELTS course review preparation is the linking method.


What Is the Linking Method?


The linking method is an effective memory technique used for recalling a list of items such as critical points in a text and vocabulary list. This memory technique involves creating a story to connect all the items from a list and visualizing mental images about the story. The linking method requires your creative imagination and deep concentration. Below are the benefits of using the linking method:


  • It helps you recall information quickly.

  • It boosts your creativity and learning abilities.

  • It develops your four core communication skills (Listening, Reading, Speaking, and Writing.)


Using the Linking Method in Your IELTS Online Review


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Do you want to apply this memory technique in your IELTS online review? Read and follow these three crucial points about the linking method:


  1. Select a topic

Select a topic that contains various critical points and supporting details. During your study time, look for different IELTS General Training course materials and choose a topic that you find it hard to understand.


  1. List down critical points

Skim the content of your topic. List down all critical points including bold and italicize words or phrases, as well other essential information about the topic. Use a note-taking strategy to list down your notes properly. Below are some examples of note-taking techniques that you can apply in the linking method:


  • Outline Method

  • Charting Method

  • Sentence Method


Get to know more about these note-taking techniques by checking our blog!


  1. Construct a story using the items from your notes

When constructing a story, consider the following points:


  • Use descriptive words when constructing your story.

  • Each sentence must consist of two items from your notes.

  • Keep your story short and simple.


To guide you more, check out this example:


List of items:

  1. Writing
  2. Critical Thinking
  3. Argumentative Essay
  4. Communication
  5. Textbooks
  6. Library


You go to the library to borrow various textbooks and other learning materials to prepare for the IELTS General Training Test. The librarian gives you different books about the writing test which includes a simple guide on how to construct an argumentative essay. The librarian also says that reading books boosts your critical thinking as well as your communication skills. Then you sit down and start reading each book.