Using Phrasal Verbs in the IELTS General Training Writing Test

Lexical resource is one of the four scoring criteria of the IELTS General Training Writing Test. This scoring criterion assesses your ability to use a wide variety of vocabulary with natural and sophisticated control of the two lexical resources listed below:


  • Spelling
  • Collocation


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Phrasal Verbs

A phrasal verb is a phrase that contains a main verb and a preposition that when used together reveals a new meaning and functions as a verb in a sentence. It is also used to add variation and clarity when constructing academic essays and texts. To guide you more, below are some of the phrasal verbs used in the IELTS General Training Writing Test:


  • Call off – means the event is canceled.

The president decided to call off his regular press conference.


  • Fill out – tells someone to complete a form.

Please fill out the application form in block capitals.


  • Find out – states that someone is looking for something.

Stewie was unable to find out what had happened to the party.


  • Give away – means giving something to someone else for free.

She wants to give away all of his possessions.


  • Hang up – means putting something on-hook or receiver.

How many time have I told you to hang up your clothes? (On-hook)

Please hang up the phone. (Receiver)


  • Look up – tells someone is searching in a list.

Why don’t you look up his name in the list?


  • Point out – explains that someone is calling the attention of something.

She should point out that no one of these painting is real.


  • Set up – means to arrange or begin something.

My mom set up the living room exactly the way she wanted it.


  • Read over – means to read something from the beginning to end.

I read over my homework, but I still couldn’t get the main point.


One final reminder: During your study time or group study sessions, practice using these phrasal verbs when answering IELTS GT Writing practice tests.


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